A great success for our country. Only 18-year-old Marek Škamla became the world and European champion in the non-traditional sport of motosurfing.


BRATISLAVA - Great success for our country. Only 17-year-old Marek Škamla became the world and European champion in the non-traditional sport of motosurfing. The young man achieved a huge success among the pros in the first season. Our sexy tennis player Chantal Škamlová is also proud of him. She was also with a boyfriend at his statement in Zagreb, Croatia.

You have achieved great success this season because you have become the world champion and the European champion in motosurf. What does this mean for you?

It is a great success for me. I am very glad that they succeeded themselves. I worked hard for it. I've been preparing for it all winter and luckily it worked out.

You are only 17 years old and you have already achieved such great successes. What are your other goals?

Next year, I would like to move into a category in which surfboards can be modified. This season I was in the one in which we rode frabrically made. I would also like to win the title of world champion there. Furthermore, I would like to move higher in sponsors who will help me financially.

How did you get into motosufing, which is not a typical sport at all?

I got to it through my friend Sebastian Kubínec, who also raced. I wrote him if I could try. In the end, I tried it and I really liked it, so I stayed with it. Sebastian helped me a lot, especially in the beginning.

How costly is it necessary to complete the season in motosurfing?

In fact, it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, of those motorsports, it is still the least expensive. The whole season costs about 15,000 euros. It's including total costs, travel, training, camps and surf shopping. It costs a list price of 15,000 euro.

Do sponsors cover your costs?

Yes, fortunately most of the costs are covered by sponsors. They also paid for my surfboard. It is a great help to me in this regard. In any case, it is very costly. Especially travel. Also, find sponsors.

What rewards do you receive for each race and how much did you receive for the title of World and European Champion?

There were no bonuses this year. There is more support from sponsors.

At the culmination of the season in Zagreb, you were seen by cousin Chantal Škamlová, who is a professional tennis player. Did the support from her help you?

Yes, they were also supportive of her boyfriend. I think she was quite happy with me. She congratulated me on the title of World and European Champion and we enjoyed it together.

Does your family fully support you in this non-traditional sport?

Of course, I get the most support from my family. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't even get there and I wouldn't be where I am today. It certainly wouldn't be possible without it.