Huge talent: the 18-year-old Slovak has only been racing for two years, he is already a world and European champion!


He has been competing for only two years, but he has already managed to become a world and European champion! We are talking about Marek Škamla (18), who is a professional motosurfist. The cousin of the former tennis player Chantal Škamlová (28) revealed for Nový Čas that a petrol-powered surf reaches a speed of up to 70 km / h!

The talented athlete first started racing with a motorsurf three years ago, but gradually his hobby grew to professional and has been competing for two years now. "I am the driver of the Jetsurf Slova kia team and I know this sport very much. The motosurf is similar to riding a motorboat or scooter. I ride a surfboard powered by petrol. I have a handle in my hand where I add gas and increase speed up to up to 70 km / h, "Škamla revealed.


Last week, the young man was declared the world champion in Zadar, Croatia, as the world champion. "It's a great success. I won four rounds of the World Cup and the European Cup in the untreated surf category. We ride surfboards, who come straight from the factory, it's forbidden to modify it," Marek continued. When asked what the competition actually looks like, he replied: "It's time, the track has 30-40 inflatable gates. If you miss the goal, you get a penalty of about half a minute. It's such an adrenaline rush on the water."